Red Gate SQL Monitor Metric – New logins to the Sysadmin role.

Red Gate SQL Monitor Metric – New logins to the Sysadmin role.

Another one of my SQL Monitor custom metrics has been published by Red Gate.  This one generates an alert when the count of server principles who are added to the sysadmin server role changes.  It is very useful when multiple members of an IT team may have a DBA support function and are inclined to simple add users with sysadmin roles. This metric can be used to alert when this happens so it can be checked and verified in case it causes a security risk.

First Redgate SQL Metric published

First Redgate SQL Metric published

A while ago, my first Red Gate SQL metric was published for use with Red Gates excellent SQL Monitor software.  This metric allows you to be alerted when a transaction log grows over a defined threshold.  This can be particularly useful if a process is stopping the log from truncating or the transaction backups have not been running successfully.